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    Big Problem !!!!

    thanx man the 256 colour was the problem now it's working fine accept one thing when i play with my character and when i shoot a beam the beam is coming through his stomic , that something im working on but if some one have an advise please reply
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    Big Problem !!!!

    i edited a model now im done but .... When i compile a .qc file ( in milkshape) he loads everything, but every time when he had the last smd file loaded the milkshape program is stuck. ( i also tried to remove the last one but then he gets stuck on the second last one, i have also tried...
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    My First REmodel

    It is my first model. well how does it look ?? ( i cant make it a mdl file because i don't knoiw how to do so, so if some could tell me?!? ) or or...