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    [Old PotW] POTW - 1/5/14

    It's been quite a long time since my last post, but I'm just wondering if there will be new videos (e.g. showing casual PvP) about the project?
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    Battle of 6800 GTs, Galaxy vs Gainward

    Yeah, great. Would you find some reviews for me, please ? I want to see some test results (game or/and 3dmark) too if possible.
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    Battle of 6800 GTs, Galaxy vs Gainward Ok, here are the competitors. Take a look at the pages (and more sources ?) and answer the following question. Which is better, and why ? I prefer my Galaxy 6800 GU of...
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    May the ESF be the mod of the year ! Registered just to be able to vote for it.
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    Kamehameha for Gohans first form!

    Isn't Kamehamehawave an attack which Mr. Roshi used in DragonBall-series to extinguish that burning mountain ?
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    Nude model for #18

    I had to make this question ... Would you like to see a nude model for Android 18 ?
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    Happy 21st Mastasurf!

    Happy birthday Mastasurf. :)
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    Tupac (2Pac) comes back ?

    Will rap artist Tupac come back ?
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    Master Roshi in ESF 1.3 ?

    Should Master Roshi be in ESF 1.3 ?
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    Shaking ground ?

    You guys think that these 2 things will be added to ESF 1.3 or later ?
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    New way of transforming

    I think that trans require charging regardless of your PL.
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    C&C Generals crates

    Where did those "surprise crates" disappear from Generals ? I loved to collect them in C&C, RA, TS and RA2 ...
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    New attack for Vegeta ?

    I've heard that ESF Team will remake Renzoku for 1.3
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    Zero hour favorite general ?

    the title says it all. My vote goes to "Prince Kassad"
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    a question about CnC Generals ZH

    All of Prince Kassad's units except Rocket Buggy are cloaked. But yes, you can get some skills like "GPS Scrambler" by capturing his strongholds. I just wonder where did that weird upgrade come from. Maybe it's not buyable now but I'd like to see it in version 1.03 if it never comes. In Pro:Gen...