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    What should i mAp? Ideas NeeDed

    I like the naruto idea. maby even some yu yu hakusho.
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    A Attack for gohan

    I like that idea and your opponent coulden't see this comming because it is invisible.
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    things you want in next versions

    Whne you transfourm into super buu u can use an attack that lets u absorb some one for 30 seconds. the other person can struggle to try and get out and if they get out befor the 30 sec are up buu loses half of his health, but if it goes for 30 sec or longer the absorbed person will take half health.
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    First person

    I like esf because i can be a charater in dbz but when i use first person i cant see the arms when i use a blast this would make my day. I would also like to see some android action like 16, 17, and 18.
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    Secondary Fire for Kamehameha.

    This is great i would love to see Gohan use A super Kamehameha
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    Piccolo Duplication

    At the start of DBZ Piccolo Duplicates to train so what if you could make a bot clone. Tien can also use it to. and cell could make cel.jr's
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    Refs for Ultimet ssj trunks

    Hi I am making a new Model for trunks because when I first went ssj with him it was not the overly buff hero I thought was the cooles so any refs or pics would help alot. sory if I dont post very often but I work an 8 hour day so i usilly only Moudle one hour a week.
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    Hi I heard fome one of my friends who are a memer of this site so don't say i'm stupide. He said that some one is making a Brolly model and i went crazy because he is one of my favoret charters. I just want to know if this is tru or my friend deserves a smack. Thx for helping