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    [Old PotW] Kamehamehaaaaaaaa dem graphics doe

    Ok completely off topic Have you's thought about DirectX12?, I know its not out yet but maybe that could fix the AMD drivers issues. Just throwing ideas out?
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    Quick question?

    OK so the new anime series that coming out "Dragon ball super" are you going to implement anything from there to this game, because dragon ball super is canon the manga is going to be coming out next month i believe. if not why is that?
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    Hello and good day! So its been awhile since the last POTW by any chance is there one or a couple POTW we could get for the lack of pictures? please and thank you.
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    I love how much better your getting with every model you do, +1 the googly eyes are awesome!
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    Shout out to who's still around

    I'm dead.
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    [Old PotW] In the meantime last updated 5/13/15

    I'm pretty sure we "ALL" would appreciate that very much!!.
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    Android 17

    Holy shit Zeroc Corez you come along way pretty proud of ya for helping the team! GREAT WORK! Also the model looks perfect to me.
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    What ever happen to this version of the game

    i understand that it got better over time, but what happen with all this it look to be more complete obviously i don't know. It also look more polished did yous ever think to release it in that state it was in?
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    What ever happen to this version of the game

    Quick question i have always wonder what happen to this version of the game. Could you please explain.
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    A blast from the past -- Ancient ESF stuff inside

    Holy shit I feel like God just come from heaven I really cant believe that all these people are still on :D
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    Korin's Tower

    Holy Sh*t that looks fantastic, really good progress !
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    Project spark [Spare keys] first in best dressed

    Thank you I am probably getting more keys cause I sign up with two Hotmail's, if so I will do them private for the ESF:F community.
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    Project spark [Spare keys] first in best dressed

    Just wow is that what I get for trying to be nice cheers mate!
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    Project spark [Spare keys] first in best dressed

    Hello esf I got 4 spare project spark keys: T7PK2-TU574-5T332-MX465-683UX T7PK8-T47K7-RNMR7-T3JNU-U6MPX T7PKN-836MU-4P8R5-MXNRN-MMX7X T7PKR-2623X-XMR5M-7R7JT-RMJ6X How to play Project Spark Beta on Windows 8.1 1.Go to and click Redeem Beta Key...