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    Weird Options Bug

    i didn't notice such a bug.
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    LOL! ESF Map on Cstrike.

    Well that's surprising O_O , but does it also work the other way round?
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    Fix for unlisted Frieza Atack (Telekinesis)

    You could fix that by Beta 1.2 Patch1, because you just have to edit the text file (Friezas char descritpion).
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    Were can i download HL US I cant find it

    You could also look hee:
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    MP3 player in ESF 1.2 beta

    Here you can (de)activate the MP3-Player, 24bit-Textures, 3D-Rocks Multiplayer -> Customize -> Advanced
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    ESF B1.2 MP3-Player bug

    I don't want to use steam! I didn't encounter any problems when using HL.
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    Buu's Regeneration

    Goog idea i like it.
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    ESF B1.2 MP3-Player bug

    Thanx, but I'll rather wait for the 1.2.1 patch.
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    ESF B1.2 MP3-Player bug

    True, i found the menu. Multiplayer -> Customize -> Advanced There you can also (de)activate 24bit textures, 3D-Rocks and much more. Thanx
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    ESF B1.2 MP3-Player bug

    Music and Mp3 Player as well as Playlist Editor didn't work. Here is what i've done. 1) I downloaded ESF B1.2 Full installer. 2) I installed Half-Life. 3) I updated Half-Life to 4) I installed ESF B1.2 (Full, with MP3s, japanese voices) 5) I played esf (but there was no music...