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    The Almost-Ultimate Add-ons For ECX Thread

    Hopefully someone can answer this, but where exactly do SC files go>?
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    Post your desktop once again

    I hate to feel dumb, How do you exactly post an image up? I tried to attack it but it didn't work. By any chance anyone could help lol sorry. Edit: lol, I think I got it now...lets see And thats my Desktop, I took the icons off to show the full desktop
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    Random Suggestions

    Well, I got some type of input, Kind of like how we have the melee system, You perform blocks from an enemy by pressing the keys in the right way. Well, For Reversals just have it do the same, So this way its not abused to the point of how throwing is now...I mean if we keep throwing the way it...
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    ESF 1.3 Melee Proposal – By VideoJinx

    Well, Not to be on a side, I don't think it seems right to bash someone for not finishing an idea all in one post, YET I know the problem in not posting it all the way to begin with, I mean if anything we could just simply talk it out as a community to help get ideas that formulate together...
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    Give my DBZ beats a listen...

    I've always wanted to make beats of my own, I found one program awhile ago (Think it was Fruitloops) I think I would love the fact of making some of my own custom DBZ tracks, I know I could make some killer ones :) Anyway back onto the subject, I LOVE these man, You have alot of unique ideas for...
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    Dropping adv. melee?

    LoL your a bit aggressive eh :-p, Well maybe an option of some sort, To either have it Keyboard or Mouse...or both, Instead of just pressing random keys on the keyboard, just have a set two keys for the event, Maybe like the Up and Down Arrow? I mean, Since maybe people who would break their...
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    Dropping adv. melee?

    This may sound a bit odd, I'm not the best of explaining things but I'll give it a try. I've played this game for about 2 days now, I'd say the melee concept seems very...empty. I mean its true that in DBZ that once they stunned their opponent that they did many different combos...but the fact...
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    Crash Problems?

    Okay, I dont know if this happens...and i've downloaded this game from It says its from 9/9/07. So I dont know if this one I downloaded is the MOST recent, and if it is. My problem lies in with, I load the for about 10-15 mins with bots...Have my Graphics and everything as...
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    Hello everyone!

    So, just put the folder into the Half Life area or Do I put the Files directly into the folder?
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    Hello everyone!

    So...About DBAF.. :P lol. lol...Im sorry guys this is the last one I swear, I have Steam and I just wondering for the record, if I have to download anything special to make it work with STEAM, Thanks lol sorry for the questions
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    Hello everyone!

    Mmm...It seems that the download page is down. Any clue to when its going back up?
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    Hello everyone!

    hehe :) I like a challenge anyway, the fun in a game is always a challenge :) Thank you both for the quick response, I will more then likely be playing this. Probably my last question would be, Is this strictly based off DBZ? If not, Then whats the things that are made up?
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    Hello everyone!

    Well, Im new here, and I see this is kind of active, which is my question to all of you! How active exactly is this MOD? I dont want to get this MOD if its not exactly all that active :/ but it seems it is....Thoughts anyone?