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    Problem with Riverside

    I just got out of a riverside game, an noticed a huge glitch-you respawn in the same place all the time when that map is in a team game mode. I know this happens in other maps as well, which gets royally annoying when a finger lasering ******* keeps hitting the respawn spot so the second you...
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    You know, it'd be nice if people read the whole tread. I still haven't seen anyone address the fact that the guy I was fighting could charge and attack while blocking. And what about when people pull that "[playername] died" thing to raise their PL? *After fixing a couple errors in post*...
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    I have cable, and I'm talking about when it pops up "[player name] died." Someone did that to me in a game once, and went from 2 mil below me in PL to 4 mil above me in 5 seconds. Also I was hosting a game, and I had a perfect view of the guy blocking, and yet he hit me. He also was charging...
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    Bring back Kao-Ken

    I think it'd be cool to have kaioken in there. As it is, Kamehameha drains almost Goku's ki, which would make kaioken an nice emergency tactic for blocking beams as opposed to firing them. And he really can't use it while SSJ. I know he did against Pikon, but that was a filler episode. Those...
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    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but there are someone people who have all to obviously hacked the game. For example, you could be on your own server, and they could have a faster reaction time then you. Then can attack while blocking, or kill themselves to gain PL, and have a...
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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    Ah, never mind. I fixed it. I set it to D3D, 640x480, and it works great.
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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    I can play forever alone, but as soon as someone joins, a magic countdown starts from anything between 10 seconds to 2 minutes (no, I don't mean there's a time. I'm not being literall), and at the end, it crashes. Its driving me nuts. It crashes during attacks, usually but never the same one...
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    Super Buu Buu

    Uh, just wondering, didn't Super Buu have a really long head tail? There's too many Buu forms, but I know the "Super Buu" that Vegetto fought had the long tail.
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    Beta Reviews

    I remembe reading that the beta had been distributed for reviews. Where and when will those reviews be posted?
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    Giving Energy

    I really like that sensu idea. That could be very convient.
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    Charge Length

    It can kinda go either way. Yeah, it should charge faster, except the attack is getting larger as your PL goes up, slowing it down. I guess it depends on how much beta ki attacks are based off of alphas.
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    ESF Download

    If its teasing you, don't bother to download it. Personally, I think I'd like to see a working manual posted for two reasons; 1. I really want to know what does what 2. It'd also serve as a place to list what is done (control wise), and what is being worked on, which might keep some people...
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    desperation suicide explosion attack

    Hypocrite :p J/k.
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    desperation suicide explosion attack

    I know I've seen this idea before, but this is the active thread about the idea. And I'm too lazy to go find the old thread, though I offer my sinceirest appologies for the repeat ideas. And the point of a suicide attack is that it would have more power then even a big bang, and would kill off...
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    Limits ( Everybody Read Please )

    I somehow think that he meant an FF7 style limit. I doubt they could code that, though...