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    LOL esf shuting down

    LIES good joke almost looked real.If esf ever did shut down that would piss me off o man.I love the game and if funamation ever did shut down esf i would right to them 20 times a day saying how much they suck .And to do it when 1.3 is going to be comeing out o man thats would suck ass.
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    Scattershot Video

    Cool some thing new for piccolo .Hope new update is comeing out soon i cant wait.
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    Will ESF die?

    I heard all hl1 wuss shuting down and all mods with it.If hl1 games dont go to sourse they,wil be gone .Im not really sure its true but now would be a good time for esf team to, move up a step and take the game to a new level.Its would be awsome to esf keep going and makeing the mod better with...
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    POTW 18/12/05

    Wow looks really nice super buu looks tight .Hope this is out by xmas.
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    Piccolo's regen

    Just asking is piccolo going to have regen ?Like regen 1 or 2 health per second .Its would be pretty cool sense piccolo gets over powerd fast.
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    Gameplay is ****ed Up

    Game play is good to me .But if your a noob its hard at first about a hour of game play you will get in to it .The only thing the mod really needs is like a level up system .Like you level up you can put stats up strenth or speed and stuff .Other then that its great mod.
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    Picture of the Week

    Looks pretty funny to me like neo vs smith in matrix 2 reloaded!
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    More News!

    Fx system looks awsome just like watching a movie .GREAT JON [email protected] thumbs up.
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    Cool model i like recoom better the captain ginyu at least he kicked ass in the cartoon.Ginyu used pussy change bodys move.Recoob can go boom.
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    Are you m making a mod those are awsome models at you web site man.
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    Galick Gun Aura?

    That wuss the best episode ever Triple kaoken go just wuss going all out.
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    - = * 009's Movie Team ! ^^ * = -

    Nice movie could be better needs more action may be make it bit longer.But nice job !It would be better if the beams go stright when you power struggle they always go to a side.And cell wussent in perfect form if you use evm its will make the movies alot better gohan could of been ssj2 cell...
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    well the skin looks pretty cool .Dont no what hes doing in that pic but its cool any way.
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    Gohan Again :/

    Im so tired of kid gohan nice model just not worth dling.
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    Beta 1.3 Outline Discussion Thread

    Man there is just so much to look for in 1.3 witch is awsome.The team is really pushing to make this the best dbz game ever it looks like.Still a few thing will be missing kaokenx1 x20 ,Dragon fist ,super spirit bomb ,piccolos groth were he grows bigger,Gohans rage .Thats all i dont see in it...