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    **** ESF 1.1 **** it!!!!!!!!!!

    why does my ****ing server crashes!!!!
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    how to make maps?

    guys i maybe need help with it:P:laff:cud u add me on msn the[email protected]
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    why the **** does 1.1 lagg?

    Why does 1.1 lagg for me?i got a great and fast computer do i have to change something config then tell me what to change i really need help
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    how can i go SSJ3

    I tell you what i am the TZF GOD:LAFF: nah i am jokeing only the leader Dan is makeing me sp proude *i'm crying*:P:P:laff::laff:
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    I will make soundpacks FOR U!!

    Cud u make me perfect cell sounds for me:D:Demail me if u can [email protected] :laff:
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    Some one Gvive me a map progra :cry:

    :cry: i need a map program to make some maps:laff: :laff: but i dont know any map programs at the name:( and i thought u guys had or know a name at a map program wud u plz show me or give it in foums here:D well cya:tired: :tired:
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    Lol Now Read Why 1.1 Laggs!! Darn It

    They said it wont lagg today :S but its laggy anywaya guy said he wud give a esf guide yea!:laff:D
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    Lol Now Read Why 1.1 Laggs!! Darn It

    Well guys dont change the fps if your doing it it gonna go slow that u gotta unistall 1.1i did it today when i did then it started to lagg so dont ever change the fps!
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    Lol Now Read Why 1.1 Laggs!! Darn It

    The reason why its lagg its couse when a mod is out its kinda laggy in a few days and 1.1 was a update it wasnt a full mod......but their working in 2.0 sp it will be full i think it will be better ping then cs:S i think its a whole new system and blabla so just wait for 2.0 and wait a few days...
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    Esf 1.1 has more lagg then 1.0

    What the **** why does esf 1.1 have more lagg wasnt it going to be 2 or 1 mx lower lagg?I got a good cpu 512mb ram 2.4 ghz but anyway maybe it will be better if u download it all after 2 days!then i hope it will be better
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    Linux 1.1 Release

    Lol Kidbuu its me Goten600 why arent u in msn later u darn ass:P
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    Why IS ESF 1.1 Mutch more laggy then 1.1:S

    WTF esf 1.1 is more laggy then 1.0 why? wasnt it gonna be 1x lower lagg?????????wtf its to laggy but i have a great cpu 512 mb 2.4ghz but so what?;( ;( ;(
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    The Best One Word Story?

    Captain ginyo says to frieza.lord freiza may i be a *** in 30 mins.lord freiza says u can be a *** in 1 hour if u give me a ****........hahaha:D
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    The Best One Word Story?

    One man was in the forest.then a capsule corp came up:laffinin the capsule corp there was a teddy bear.andthen he went a real bear and scared that guy so he pisst in hes panns:laffin
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    When is esf1.1 and half-life 2 come out!:O

    Cud someone tell me when thosse gonna come out i ant wait untill esf1.1 comes out....but ya i wanna see esf 2:laff: :laff: