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    JaNeMbA rEsKin

    thats not asian's, its from the frag-force, a group of people that made alot of bfp models/edits and released them,you should try to use more detail in the skin and not have it so light.
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    Vegeta Begin Saiyan Saga ( Coloured Armor )

    if it wasnt for ME the texture wouldnt look like that, i put work into and i didnt rip anything, go check my credits over and overagain, AzN did do most of the textures work, but its MY edit to it and i still not ok-ing you jacking anything ive ever worked on, when someone works on anything and...
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    Vegeta Begin Saiyan Saga ( Coloured Armor )

    thats the second time youve stole my ss face skin from my vegeta pack on redsaiyan violator, take the link down because i dont let people mess with my edits and release unless they ask, which you didnt.
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    Challenge To ~{APE}~

    yeah right, myizzle my nizzle, you gobble at esf :\
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    Buu Saga Vegeta Pack!!! SAAAN!!!

    since violator just stole my edit and switched the body skin, i hope hes not getting credit, the ss face is from my vegeta pack, i edited the normal face to look like that, give me credit or take the link down.
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    Gohan Goes Crazy Go nutz

    well seeing how azn never actualy released it what then?
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    New Vegeta .. WIP

    no offense, but Zereth skins are really ugly, and its the worse thing ive seen in my life, lol . Really no offense.
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    skinning contest

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    skinning contest

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    skinning contest

    yeah hes just a ripper, dont kill the thread off with nothing but rip talk, i think everyone here would like to see the finished version of Zereth's skin.
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    GT Vegeta for lord killmore

    he still didnt credit azn for the vegeta reskin he's using.
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    My Form 4 Frieza , 100% , BD

    in that case, its already been done, his names violator, and yes he goes to these forums, and no one cares.
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    My Form 4 Frieza , 100% , BD

    he can release it a million times over, he just cant post a link in the forums, or let it be known forum wise hes released it, forum rules cant leave the forums.
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    Help with sprite edit

    you have to save the palette of the first one, and load it to all the other bmp's. in paint shop pro its the colors tab, so check your colors setting tools.