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    DOes having the lite version cause dll problems?

    I cant join any servers because my dll's are diff than the server. I have the lite version of 1.2.2..
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    Can't play this game online?

    Kk, i have Steam now, however it seems to go not responding, when ever if try an make an account. I have a 1800 MHz processesor, so this isn't normal. Any reason for this?
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    Can't play this game online?

    Won? Sry, but i'm new to this. Is Steam some sort of multiplayer internet host? If so, how can i get it?
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    Can't play this game online?

    Whenever i enter the multplayer option, it says my ESF directory is out of date. It then goes to sierra update, where it then tells me my halflife version is in date?? What do i do? and how?