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    Half life source or normal one

    They are all the same as long as they are HL 1.
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    Download Problem!!!

    You didnt download the whole file. Try again downloading it again from a different location...
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    DJ-Ready's dev update

    Nice map, might come make it into my favorites along with esf_canyon and esf_cellgames ;/
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    Create game new error help

    Do you get in the game but the console has those messages? If you do they are nothing the game is fine it just displays those for some bizzare reason :S
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    Linux cliente?

    Its not microsoft its valve ;/
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    The dumbest thing that scared you the most - II

    While driving a bee sneaked in through the open window and got into my shorts. I would have crashed if my friend didnt grab the wheel :O
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    Post Your Xfire Names

    texasgrusa is mine
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    ESF 1.1 no offline game??

    And the new versons of esf wont work with him cause he doesnt have steam ;)
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    Melee help

    Lock-on was in version 1.1 thats outdated, roughly 2 years old. The current version is 1.2.3, i suggest reading a help guide on the 1.2 melee, not the 1.1. Their differences are like white and black.
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    Teh Smarktards language. "1337"

    the "e" is "3" AFAIK (As far as i know)
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    You do have Steam right?
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    Net play

    It seems that you have a diffetent version of esf than the server does try visiting an other do you have the latest esf version?
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    People who want ESF download

    I think this might be considered advertisning however o_o You might want to mail the team to have your site as a "mirror" for the esf download :)
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    esf 1.2.3 no steam

    Its simple: You cant. So go and buy hl.
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    Personally i think u call someone a spammer if you cant counter the "Spamming" he does. Apart from that the only way of spamming i see in the game are krillins sitting in a corner scattering the whole place and run away when someone comes close to them. And yeah i can counter the...