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    Seeking> Someone with a payed...

    I am looking for someone with a payed file planet subscription!!! I am trying to download a file that is 25k large, and the wait line is 150 minutes... If you are on now and would be willing to download and send me the file, my AIM screen name is Kuora Kuora. PLEASE !!! -Jordan
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    bind key "+voice"
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    Um, Nightshade(i think thats ur esfname)? I got a question

    Its really funny how people can argue over such a meaningless part of life... [A game]. If you guys don't like each other just um.. Stop talking?
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    New Clan

    Hey all this is Perfect Cell, orginally from Z. Z has split into two seperate parts. |CBK| cold blooded killers, and |::Z::| "the orginal" . I am now the leader of |CBK|. Here is a our forum board, . Well hello. :). Edit- Sry wrong place if a mod would be so kind...
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    1.2 Grab and Struggle!!!!

    This is exactly what I posted a lil while ago in my Clans forums. Being able to grab somebody and throw them-- hopefully they'll also add in a zanzoken technique where when you've been through you can get out of it by fading away and appearing somewhere else-- or adding in a energy stop...
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    need help with sounds

    Thats because they need to be coded a certain way, I can't remember what the code was... They had to be like 22000 hz and 16 bit mono for a format but im not sure... I am having the same problem right now with my kid buu pack. HOPEFULLY Mr. Satan of former ph34r will come and tell us since hes...
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    Yea I believe that I can take classes for coding at my school, so the best coding language I can take is C++ if I want to use it for half life right? Silly me thinking that half life would have its own coding language. Okay thank you all for you help and sorry blade for not closing my tread...
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    DBZ Movie Villains

    Dude Super 13 would rock the game, and think hes so original I mean I havn't seen any dbz mod out there with super 13 >_<!
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    The Zelda Thread

    Ocarina of time rules!
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    Will somebody point me in the direction of a coding tutorial online?
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    Clan Fights!!!!!!!

    Groovy knows mystix, they were friends in the APe clan.
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    Ape_city pics

    All right I think this is what happened, since some people use "Counter Strike" instead of Half life to play ESF the train func_ wouldn't show up. There may be some other problems also.
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    Best ESF Players

    The guy called esfn00b is M.piccolo... hehhe >_>.
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    Is teleporting lame?

    I don't use teleport as much I guess, even though I use it a lot... When im fighting with my leader [Groovy] on his server I get about 110-150 ping, which is outstanding for me living in america and he living in the UK, but thats beside the point. I mainly use it when I aviod his incoming...
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    Question About beam jumps...

    Oh well I'm sure its something just like piccolos scater shot, where you click on your generic beam button (3) twice, and thats how it work >_> maybe... possible >_>...