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    Esf 1.1 has more lagg then 1.0

    Majin he's just asking a freakin question calm down ffs
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    Here Are The New Mirrors!

    Admins ban this loser , he's pissing me off
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    Here Are The New Mirrors!

    Zou Anli i'm seriously gonna beat the crap out of you if u don't stop it
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    Here Are The New Mirrors!

    don't exist
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    Error in download ?

    argh , thx for telling :)
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    Error in download ?

    Sry to post this tread but , when i reach 33% -> 50% the download says its complete and when i run it it says some installshield bull**** error , this is really pissing me off
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    i hope you guys release more maps for esf, it's a beauty of a game :)
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    ps shield

    No , You're wrong , you can get killed by a disc when ps'ing you should try it , needs to be fixed o_o O_O