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    Freedom of Speech. You decide. guys maneged to make a whole political debate out of weather or not this lil thing should be put in the game or not...interesting. But any ways if you want to talk to your team mates so bad then go to and get team speak, and hopfully every one lives happly...
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    who cares about bots. all they do is die and ruin servers. Theres nothing more anoying than a server flooded with bots
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    wish i could complain about meele...

    is it just me or is esf meele realy realy weird....iv been playin bfp 4 a while so maybe thats why, but i just dont get how the meele system works in this game i would greatly apreciate it if some 1 could explain how it works:S
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    HL patches

    well at least i nkwo theres a patch out there some where but i still have no clue where 2 get it.....i dont know whiz about half or half sites just be cool and post a adress
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    HL patches

    can i just install HL then install esf? or am i going 2 need a patch? if a patch is needed please post the adress