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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    prepaid cards (e.g. paysafe card), steam gift vouchers (buy them from shops for steam currency), parent/guardian's card, friend's card
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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    Not a recent member, just a recently created account - what difference does that make anyway? If people aren't willing to buy a legit copy of HL then they shouldn't expect any help from the team in regards to piracy. Guilt tripping them wont work lol If people want to play the game that badly...
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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    Pretty sure they've always emphasised the fact that you need a legit copy of HL to play. An eternity is plenty of time to muster up $10, stop being pathetic.
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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    hlev official say release 31 christmas twenty seven teen so core you stfu !!!
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    BEE game Character WIP

    "the whole ginyu team?" "buu models too maybe?" Are you asking him or telling him? Seems limited to me.
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    OLD ECX+AF CHars
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    Black Goku?

    does ssj8 goku in esf final ? i think idea good
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    anime 3d model

    looks a bit like you core
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    ADMIN abuse ! on a private server

    for me core is too noob admin he ban me for be better the him use light attack kill him times over and over. he is bully and he bad player he need rid of !! ;(:(:warning::warning::warning: