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    Request: ssj3 vegeta

    can eny one help me find a ssj3 vegrta skin or you know where i can plz give me the link thanks :laff: !!
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    need help modelin

    i am usein Mikeshake 2 model and i need some help if u are good at modelin Plz add me 2 your msn messanger my email is PLZ add me :laff: Email is so funny my dad made it me :laff:
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    Now i have milkshake will ppl plz help me model i need some thing 2 help me plz HELP
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    oh ok where do i get milkshake from and is it as good as 3d max :)
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    My First model with 3Ds Max...

    *no warez talk please, thank you* ***S-Bolt--***
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    Hi i want 2 start modelin but i don't know where i can get some softwere from plz if u know send me the link so i can download it :) i am lookin 4 ( 3d max 5 ) O_O all over Help me