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    Vegeta Ring Attack

    the one gotenks used is made up but it was called Galictic Donut i believe :rolleyes:
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    ESF Kidz

    yea.. lol (Joke) <---------------- but that would be a good mode >.<
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    >>> More Pics For Your Enjoyment <<<

    i think he knows its a cartoon =/ many kids or w/e grown foKes like hentai ... not me >_<. Cartoons arus him and he loves to masterbate prolly ^_^.
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    >>> More Pics For Your Enjoyment <<<

    Nice =/ quailty work lol
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    How big is the new mod

    96 meg =/ it took me 5 minutes and i got cable to =/ so i doubt if it took u only 1 miinute to dl. And yes some places cant even get cable that suxor. But some ppl is Fortunte and get to get cable like my cable only cost $20 a month so thats a good price and the brand is Adelphia Power Link...
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    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    haha nice pic. Thats exactly what n00b's ask to!
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    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    yea i read it looks all bogus. i would never cheat i just wanted to look at it. seen it sounds straight cheating so ... thnx
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    LOL!!!! LMFAO!! um sorry dude but most people who read this speaks english.. so translate that into some english lol.. pleaseo_o
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    Clan Fights!!!!!!!

    Dragoon.... we can take yo clan on... but hmm u say u took 5 on 1 and u raped.. neways. Ape clan is like the best so is TM but Dragoon would take a shot at yo clan. msn = [email protected] and ill see what my leader gotta say about this. we got a web page but i havent been with this...
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    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    ive witnessed the instant transmission plugin (pretty g ay) if u ask me. but what melee script? i never heard of that... can u give me a url to that topic or somethin i wanna see how cheap it is :tired:
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    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    Blinded by ignorance.... It use no Ki Its not a Script And u need Adminmod On ur server if u the host so it can work And it only work on servers with the plugin.... Hope i answered the questions :talk: grr btw its something that the host Has on his server and if they do The clients...
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    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    um u wont get kicked idiot..... its a plugin the Server must have in order for it to work.... have u been reading... i think not. neways u need adminmod and metamod and the go dl the Tele plugin for Adminmod! so only if the server host have this plugin it will work. its not a hack or nothin its...
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    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    Yeah its a adminmod plugin and i play with SSj Goten alot. but when he uses it on cs.... it so freakin cheating... but esf its cool for makin movies and stuff. btw in cs Its cheating because u be about to kill him then he say posme then the Freakin ******* teleports some where. neways its good...
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    What A League?!?!?!?

    grrr i wanna be in this my msn is [email protected] btw im not a n00b :p just a n00b on the forums O_O so i guess msn me or somethin AIM sn is raymondhighd
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    Aeris good idea and btw Mystic im ray But i like Aeris Idea!