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    connecting issues

    i have tried Counter-strike, normal halflife, ESF, natural-selection and TFC soo i dont think its a mod problem and i was playing halflife mods about a month ago then 1 day it just stops working and everytime my pc link light on my modem shuts off till i exit half life.
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    connecting issues

    yes its always dedicated i only filter for perfect ping dedicated servers...
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    connecting issues

    i already tried that...reinstall didnt work
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    connecting issues

    im haiving probelems connecting to all halflife life servers no matter the mod and sierra halflife website isnt providing any answers. ok heres the deal when i try to join a server i click on it and and the normal joining procedure begins until it goes initializing and downloading, after that...
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    whats your favprite attack?

    i love final flash just becuase it looks and sounds cool and has a big explosion if its fully charged.
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    Help with the avatar icons

    umm when did you guys change the custom avatar from 150 to 50.... hehe just curious
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    can someone give me good servers i cant find any

    you can edit your posts so no need to post 1 after another and tons of people play this mod...if thats your question:S ;/
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    im curious...

    i didnt ask when it will be out :P
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    im curious...

    this has probably been asked before so im sorry, but i was wondering what version you will be able to go to the second transformation or possibly the 3rd transformation with characters thanks.
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    Save your Characters Stats

    that would be awesome ..but its not going to happen....first thing there are the people who would just play and play and play and would be SOOOO strong that the game would be unbalanced.. plus you need to make the mobs stronger and stronger to fit the super insane high plvl guys and MMORPGs do...
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    lol jeez dude :P I am very grateful to have the beta release and have at least 1 transformation keep up the great work ESF team!
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    welcom to the forums and enjoy you stay :)
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    i was wondering

    ok my sig has been reduced to 1 in accordance with your wishes.:cry:
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    i was wondering that better cucumba? just 2 gifs please? and no newbie sig pic
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    i was wondering

    wait a minute theres a movie called final bout.. i thought that was a video game?!?!