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    messed up textures

    euhem 1) Re-download ESF thats i think i realy dont know but whot did ya do looks like u messed up textures:laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: LOL
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    specail beam cannon

    hey naz (valk :talk: (ik ken jou van forums ik ben predator) and is that posts realy over 600 or is it edited by mods ?
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    [UPDATE] New Version Of c0a0b

    the link works now i gonna test it :rolleyes:
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    Need Help

    kill kill kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Need Help

    @ that skin u replaced vegeta so Reinstall ESF
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    Trunks Bug

    i shal do
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    congrats for the mod

    beta 1.0 rocks but wat i like about this mod is the animations THEY ARE SOOO GOOD SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
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    The Best Map For ESF Fun!

    link doesn't work
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    Trunks Bug

    yes i dont ly if im ssj i turn in goku :cry: [EDIT] can smeone post the SSJ trunks ???
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    Trunks Bug

    when i go SSJ with trunks i turn into goku O_O why ???
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    extrackt with "use map folders" in youre Half life folder then go to costum game then ESF :)