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    another resident evil sig

    I like it except for the pic.
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    mistah robotto

    The red one is cool
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    NEW Kama's Komicz!

    PWNAGE lol funny expecially first one.
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    Artist Battle Thread!!!

    I can sesne some hostility in the room. *puts out and and uses the force* :scared:
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    Artist Battle Thread!!!

    Damn if I cant get my lazy self to a damn scanner lol im never gonna get my char in here, unless i draw him on ms paint but I suck on that lol.
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    Artist Battle Thread!!!

    Damn I gotta get my guy in here soon to stop that little prick from killing everyone off lol.
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    somewhat serious drawing

    Its awsome, but reminds me of the teacher that everyone hates.
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    Artist Battle Thread!!!

    BEWARE i shall introduce my character soon.
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    SHOOTING STARS(wallpaper)

    Lol I see orange too but I thnk blue would look better, different shades of light and dark blue.
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    Something I Did At Lunch

    Lol the body shape reminds me of a potatoe but still good job.
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    dbz image

    Uh yeah Ill go along with them, saiyans are just meant to have spikey heads, except for Nappa he was just flat out bald. Otherwise good job on that one.
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    My first picture ever

    Um yeah what they said, thats one tiny star.
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    My "decent" knight drawing

    Um the hair is nice.
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    My "decent" knight drawing

    Um the hair is nice.
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    Vegeta ssj4 pic

    Wow thats all i can say is WOW