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    dbz vids

    Edited for Warez Cucumba
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    Next ESF patch: More beams, less melee!

    dont give me that, nerd. im only play ESF casually ...anyone with a 4 figure post count needs to get out mroe
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    ESF,... to be continued????

    the ESF team are creating a custom character for a later release
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    Next ESF patch: More beams, less melee!

    give a thought for people like me on 56k, we cant do a melee, then quickly fire off a ki attack because o the delay in weapon change and beam charge (hint to developers: any chance of client-side weapon changes?) oh and melee is doubly worse on 56k, cos of the latency, us 56k'ers need...
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    hide ki

    they should code so that when u not flying, powering up or charging a beam, u disappear off the scouter, this gives the game a stealth element i like the way how an opponent has a massive blob on the radar when he has transformed
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    GFX Tweaking

    oh another big fps helper - dont use the mp3 player!!! (although, rather strangely, my playlist was defaulted with no mp3's in it - not that im too keen on the ESF tunes ;D )
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    Next ESF patch: More beams, less melee!

    ok true, but it would have been a let down, for example, in the cell saga if gohan killed perfect cell by flying into him. his kamehameha was the way to go. perhaps another reason why beams arent used too much: the HL engine was never made for these sized maps (due to the scale-down), so...
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    Next ESF patch: More beams, less melee!

    I reckon for the next beta/patch for ESF, the game should focus less on melee by either: decreasing speed of the swoop, or making a successful melee attack only push you against a wall/floor 20% of the time (for the other 80%, just have the opponent nudged back), or having a recovery...
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    Cell Games!

    im interesting in signing up (Strife, [email protected]), but where are you located? Im in UK on dial-up connection, so obviously theres no point in me joining if you are american/australian (...cos of the lag)
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    bots for esf beta

    i hear bots are coming out within a week (or 2) of the release any team member care to clarify?
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    GFX Tweaking

    hope these help synapz (although im suprised you can play Half-Life at all with a 4mb card) ---Inside HL--- 1) Lower the resolution (settings ->Graphics -> Video mode). This is the biggest FPS helper 2) mp_decals 1 (in console), this effectively gets rid of splash damage (battle scars...
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    About Tonight

    no mystick, im english and i wont be doing an all niter - i got a life :P any idea if the off-peak/peak boundary is 8am? cos if it is i should be able to pop in a quick 2hour d/l before i set off for college
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    SSJ Goku can move when charging beams, he is the only one who can, i think and no, Trunks' sword is not his melee attack, his sword isnt usable in beta1
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    OMG this mod is gonna kill my video card!

    You're worried about running the mod on a 32mb gfx card? ive got 2 voodoo2 cards (total 16mb)
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    Beta Frame Rate

    1) Wicked GL only works for Voodoo cards (and even then only up to voodoo3 i think) 2) Whats the point in making a post telling us how u have a P4 2GhZ PC with (and i quote) a "german innovatek water cooling system" (wtf?)? This doesnt help people like me with lower system specs 3)(answer...