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    Station 6 (SiC) 6

    Hey, do you like Metal? Rap? whatever,well,not rap,just metal,then heres the place for you DJ Cyrax (me) DJ StatiX and DJ DragZ are hosting are station from 6-12 PM eatern time tonight,all music,all night,you might even get some rap out of us. We hope you listen, We'd appreciate all inputs and...
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    Bye for now.

    Cya man, I'll talk to you on AIM from time to time, and remember for the last time, im NOT this weezer you keep referring to me as. -Shadow
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    Red Saiyan dot net...

    What happened? I was gonna post up my Fire Goku and Ice Goku models with sprites,and the site was down,anyone tell me what happened? he forget to pay the bill or what? -Shadz
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    Sprite file needed

    hey,could someone send me this sprite file? lgtning.spr
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    Devil and SnS

    totally agree with you man, people who want power in the virtual world are nothing in reality... -Shadz
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    Devil and SnS

    wtf....he should be banned just for being an ass,he joined my server,said that,then crashed it,wtf he should be banned from all servers
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    -)SnS(- Problem

    You might have gotten a complaint about this before but,i was in my server and a SnS member joined,and him and other guy were talking how a member of SnS named "Optional" came in and said, were the SnS the best ESF Clan and Hackers or something like that,then closed the server,they both left...
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    Modifying help

    I have a sprite viewer and wizard,i use them all the time, but i dont want to change any model,ok listen say goku is transforming,the lightning and the booming,then at the end,a yellow aura spins around him and he goes ssj,the aura that spins when he goes ssj,how do i change the color? other...
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    Modifying help

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    Modifying help

    hey,im been making ESF to my own custom liking,but i need one program to complete it, i need a VRML 2 or .wrl viewer or something,i wanna change the color of when the model turns SSJ,the spining yellow aura i wanna change into red,do you think you guys could help me? -Shadz
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    Saiyan rapid fire

    Well just put it at this... DBZ creators had some great ideas and fighting styles that took a lot of hard thinking and time to draw up and stuff,and now ESF is a almost-exact version of the show,except,you actually "live" it -Shadow
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    Somethin' I pulled off on Windows Paint!

    sick man,real good,keep it up bro -Shadow
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    DBZ/GT Quizzzz

    um....wha? 1. a Dragon, Ikaris 2. Special Beam Cannon or Masenko 3. Halo or something
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    What I think Attacks and Transformations should be. My List.

    whoa man,i like the sound of that,but it would probably take a long time to make,all the sprites,models,skinning etc etc. hope one day itll happen perhaps :D -Shadz
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    Which Evil Form 0wnz, Bebi or Majin?

    Bebi I guess,cuz it was a virus,majin was a spell my mom was a person etc etc :P need anything else? lemme know -Shadz