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    the gamepoll

    Any Zelda game just grew up with them and never got tired of them Zelda's still got some of the best gameplay around and thats my opinion feel free to disagree.
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    You could try has all games that are out on it i use it for checking out games before i buy them + for the cheats when i get stuck and happy simming.
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    Cool map nice to have a change would it be pos to go in to the pyramid and make it like a big catacomb i think that would be miles better. But as i said before very nice.
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    Joe Eigo = Legend

    Hi, I've got a different clip of Joe in a dojo done to the music of linkin parks In the end and I agree with your view of this guy he is way cool to watch.
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    Grand Theft Auto

    Vice city rocks but I'm dying to see the next gta game which should be even better but untill then vice rulz thru the copters they're so much fun to fly.
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    I know of wushu I think its great to see in action but I'm into my aikido for now until I start to broaden my horizens.
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    Devil - Anyone encountered this guy?

    Hey just got my face rearranged by Devil how the **** does he keep in spectate yet still manages to kill everyone. I even found my blocks didn't work how do we have any fun when this person is spoiling it?
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    Alpha Bots

    Help!! someone please my console won't register the "addbot" command Iv'e followed the guide in the zip file and still nothing, I've looked at other Q&A's and followed the advice re: liblist.gam but to no avail.
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    ESF-Bot Alpha - Questions & Bugs

    Hi can anyone help me I keep getting a message about not being able to find WONAUTH.DLL but its in the file what gives?