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    ESF and CS

    well i have a retail version of cs and i but it in c: (c drive) seirra/ counter-strike
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    oh how we love fighting

    Well i liked the fight between Gohan and Cell. well not the whole fight just the showdown at the end :D Also the fight between Buu and SSJ3 when Goku demnstraets the different levels of a super sayjin :p :D (by the way do u like my new sig????)
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    When is Beta 1.1 out?

    i can't wait till it comes out :) !!!!!!!!!! and i also read that outline and it only said about an adult gohan and new moves
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    How old is everyone?

    I'm 15 :) Mostly eveyone i know tells me i'm weird cuz i play games lol
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    Melee Question

    hes got a point there
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    hello again testing 1 2 3 4 5!!!!!! its alive it works its alive....i'm soooooo happy
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    lalalalala test 1 2 3 4
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    just tryin out my new sig. u like????? dam it didn't work :S
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    testing sig

    testing testing 1 2 3
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    vegeta ssj3

    i don't think they should put ssj 3 vegeta. if they put any other form of vegeta it should be ssj 4 or majin vegeta