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    Gohan: Kid or Adult?

    i agree. gohan>ssj>ssj2>Mystic(adult) beacause gohan was stronger as a child than he was as an adult until he turns mystic. Vegeta even says this when gohan is fighting Dabura, he has't trained in so long that he has lost power.
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    Help me plz! It wont install!

    hello, well..i just downloaded the bta...and whenever i try to instal freezes i get up to the "Configuring Windows Installer" step. then...when i press Ctrl+Alt+Del it says not responding..wot's goin on here? help would be appreciated ( by the way..i hav tried dling the .zip..and...
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    HOWTO: Fix Installer problems

    i just got the beta..took me ages as i am on a 56k, neway..i get exactly the same problem as [SUF]Unknown here does...can ne of the team reply to these posts? and help sort stuff out..??
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    yeah but i only have 56k

    yeh..i got a 56k, and like every1 has said..just get something like..go-zilla.. it is it over night..and..then pause it..and turn off ur comp..(when it needs a rest as some do) and when u turn it back on and connect..resume the will take me ages to download it..but..i...
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    hello and welcome to the forums, i don't think u can fuse with other ppl, and i think u can power down from ssj, i am kinda new here don't really know.
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    software mode

    hahaha..yeh..i got a pentium graphics card..(yet) but i am getting a new computer...but i was just wondering..thanx for your help
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    software mode

    hello every1, i was wondering..will beta 1 be able to run in software mode without seeing through the models and beams and stuff like that..or..would u hav to hav it in open gl?
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    Hi, I'm new here

    :talk: haha..i hav been looking through the forums and every1 seems so funny haha..Firefly yeh i am a pretty patiend person.. haha..yeh..well i hope i will be taking part in more topics/threads.
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    Hi, I'm new here

    thank u all for being so nice to me! and in answer to ur question Deverz i am from Western Aust. i can;t wait for the beta..but..until then..i'll be playing TFC or the alpha. cya
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    Hi, I'm new here

    hello everyone, I am new here, and this is THE BEST dbz mod for half-life. cya