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    Hosting a server

    I just played on the server which I think must be yours "Multiplay :: Earths Special Forces" if that it, I noticed some server setting that need to be fixed. Felt weird to play in. Hopefully these setting fix that. Thanks for the server. sv_accelerate 10 sv_stopspeed 100 sv_stepsize 8...
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    ESF: Goku Or Vegeta!

    Goku, while not always necessarily the strongest, has an innate ability to adapt to almost any situation. He also seems to be fairly open minded allowing him to see past things which may hinder others. ie time chamber training. Although Vegeta's more technical mindset and training methods can...
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    Unique hobbies?

    I collect knives.
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    North American Tournament

    Guess I'm playing Kami :(. After an intense fight, I pulled it out 10-7.
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    ESF Players say the darndest things.

    I'm sure at least a few people here have come across players that think (in their own head, I'm guessing) they are something else and anyone who is able to beat them multiple times (say 20ish-5) must be cheating. The other day I was playing a guy in, ESF 1.2.3 [Duel] <Amsterdam>, I had about...
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    Another attempt to revive 1.2.3 until 1.3

    Might have been me lol I used to cycle like 100+ maps (some from DMZ, past versions of ESF and some other mods) on my server until it started killing my bandwidth cap, I have upgraded my Internet package since then maybe I'll start run that mapcycle again.
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    Who has the best avatar out of the two posters above?

    I jump in here to add some variety. I think I'm gonna go with Revan's although if you put your's and his side by side your's being on the right, could be a funny pic.
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    [Old PotW] Vegeta - In the Name of Love

    I was reading through this thread earlier and figured I add little bit of a description of what I was doing when I snapped the screeny and why this is considered a bug, sort of a addon to Grega's answer. After updating to the lasted revision, I loaded up the game and launched a map, I can't...
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    Remove the pitch limit

    I remember messing with pitch control in 1.1, it was kinda of fun. If I remember correctly 145 ish was a good number to play around with depending on sensitivity, you could make some funky maneuvers and totally mess with the person your fighting with. If one used it, it was kinda like advanced...
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    Server plugins?

    Do some research into AMXX, you should be able to find what you need :smile:
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    Disabling gameplay elements

    Well in the past for 1.2.3, there was/is a amxx plugin to disable transformations. The rest I haven't seen anything. For the upcoming ESF:Final, not sure, personally I haven't looked into it but I'm sure commands could be added.
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    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays
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    'Create Server' Question

    check if the file mentioned in this post is present in the ESF folder. If not follow the directions, also in the post.
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    ESF Dedicated Server for Windows

    Do you have ECX installed?
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    Help with a router

    Have you contacted your ISP? Maybe have them replace it and see if the problem persists.