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    Anyone interested in participating/seeing a sig contest? something like see who can make the best sig in one week?
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    Other DBZ Mods for Half Life??

    A DBZ mod that was going to be incredable was Bid For Powers mod, it was like a week from coming out and then funimation said that they didnt like it and they couldnt have the rights to make it. I believe they will have some of the stuff they had going for the game on their page...
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    who wants Jenemba in ESF?

    If the choice is to add Jenemba then it should be the fat one because he just kicks.. lol
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    Hoppin on the band wagon with sigs!

    Just wondering what people think of my sig. Please post comments... this is like the 3rd one Ive ever done.
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    A little bone to pic about sigs...

    What I dont get is why do you need more then one signature? Instead of takin the time to make 2 crappy ones put it into one really good one and work on it to keep the quality good enough but yet the size down for thoes slow loading users. Mines something like 600x150 and is only 31k.. not bad at...
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    sumone said piccolo is cheap

    If anyone is cheap its Frieza and Krillen with the discs..