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    What song are you listening to right.... NOW!

    Dream theater-Hells kitchen
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    Another guitarist in need. Which amp?

    Well, i own a crate kx-15 for my practice amp, and my god, it sounds like total ****. So i am staying away from crate for the most part, and no stores carry crate either around here for some reason
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    Another guitarist in need. Which amp?

    I was considering a marshall for a while, but i cant get anything big enough that could play over drums that is around 300$. Right now i'm looking at peavys, but the last peavy my bro had, maybe around....8 yrs ago, broke after 2 or so years so im a bit reluctant
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    Another guitarist in need. Which amp?

    I'm currently torn between 2 amps: A 75 watt spider II from line 6 for $250, info here: or A 40 watt peavy envoy 110, specs here: At the...
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    songs with wah

    The intro solo for the song "the mirror-dream theater" uses alotta wah, and it sounds awesome
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    songs with wah

    alot of petruccis stuff has craploads of wah, but thats a lil bit advanced Look at hendrix and stuff for somthing a lil easier, but theres alotta crappy bands that use wah/autowahs
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    Best Band

    None. Its all a bunch of recycled crap. I dont deny listening to slipknot and LP but heres some band that beat the crap out of them: Dream Theater <--if you like tool, try them, they utterly own tool Iron maiden Metallica from black down Queen!! The eagles!! (ok really just that one...
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    Sig size rule

    Thanks alot cuc
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    Sig size rule

    First off, i have no problem with it. Pretty much, the forum i admin at is going to put out a sig rule, since we've been starting to get sigs that are around 2000 pixels down, and members just ***** and put somthing bigger on. They get temp banned warned etc etc and then they decide were a bunch...
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    if this is s****y, i would have to say you must be pissing gold. thats awesome man
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    thanks alot you guys, the outer flames was more what i was trying to get perfect, the inside can be fixed prolly. now time to move onto explosions ^_^ mwahahaha shoot that leaves like 2 planned things for me to do over the summer in photoshop, explosions and ice, damnit why did i have to make...
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    An attempt at trying to do abstract fire in photohsop with only brushes and blending modes.Tell me what you think.
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    Take the Fall series (my own writing)

    since nothing was happening in the art section, ima just post them in here and see if theres any luck, despite that i could have sworn writing was an art form. anyway, its a 4 part series, ive got up to 3 out, 4 will be up soon. hpoefull someone might take the time to read one or 2 parts and...
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    Going back and looking at old posts...LOL!!!!!!!!!

    i was a retarded noobish chara named Uslessresponse, yes, i was too cool/lame to spell my own name correctly, sad sad me. i cant find my first place but i think it was asking some very stupid question about esf not working due to my own incompetence at the time.
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    Take the Fall, Part II

    part 2 of take the fall, the story absolutely noone has looked at and more than likely will continue to be ignored, but i hope it doesnt. theres part 2, i very strongly recommend you read part 1, which is found here...