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    Happy Birthday Hsu!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOO! im so cool
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    someone showed me some other ESFGL site, and it had web league also, with no credit. the layout was red i think
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    congrats you know how to rip! stole it from a thing called web league, and didnt give any credit and said they made it themselves. imo, this is unacceptable **cookster beat me to it!** i swear why do people steal scripts... i just wanna smack em with a bomb
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    ESF Sexiest Team Members

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    ESF Sexiest Team Members

    joe all the way :o
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    My resignation

    same here. later
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    skinning contest

    well im a little late, but im bored so im gonna do one :/ **edit** who the hell skinmapped this! the skinmapped is horrid! DEAR GOD! **edit** nvm after seeing the mapping and its only in ms3d format i decided not to make one sorry :(
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    well, long time no see people.... i wanted to say hi to you guys since I havent been here in so long, and I have something to ask... do you know of any good sites besides that have good trailers for new movies? thanks :)
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    X-men 2 [Spoilers!]

    she decided to get swept away because she knew she would be a danger to the rest of the xmen, because the phoenix is the most powerful mutant ever and... --dont read if you dont want a spoiler-- she eventually destroys the world!
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    (FIXED) Real Life DBZ fight Videos!!

    i havent been to these threads in months, but someone showed me this and I had to reply. first off... rofl! what a dork! second off, pretty nice effects. gave me a good laugh :) thanks
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    the 3d style is gettting old. ill bet (just like me) that you've forgotten how to make things look good without all those 3d things just by using photoshop. i know i have
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    Admin-Mod Plugin Pack (Small)

    bah u didnt make any of those they were already made for admin mod.
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    anyone remember this mod?.

    yeah i remember that mod, looked ok, and it was a waste to see it go. and btw funi didnt shut them down they just died because they tried to switch engines to tribes2 or something and couldnt figure out anything.
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    That new Zelda game.....

    i dont like it because its a remake of n64 version with cel shading. gets old.
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    First ESF Competition

    if i have the time ill make something better