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    @SGGK or the ***** , who made it ..

    Iam little angry. A older friend mailed me , why i play in a league O_O ................................... just wonna say 3 things : 1. I STOPPED PLAYING ALREADY SOME MONTHS AGO, AND I DONT START PLAYING IN THE NEXT 3 years again :scared...
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    babedi saga map

    @ ssj 4 gogetenks : Thats good. @ Abhorsen : Cause i dont like to play 1.1 . Perhaps i come back when 1.2 comes. But than i make a new Clan.
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    babedi saga map

    yeah iam working on the map..... its done, but iam still waiting for a model. THis map will be the last one i make for ESf, cause iam mapper for a new project. @Da_G : you can mail me the map if you want, i will compile it for you.
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    And dont compile with hammer. use other tools like the zoner tools or batchfiles.....
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    beta 1.2

    try to make own textures :D
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    New ESF1.1 Download Mirror

    where can we download the kinux version? the link on the homepage doesnt work ?!?
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    linux downloads?

    Where can we download the linux version? the link on the mainpage doesnt work. We need it for to change our server.
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    Babidis Ship

    I like winace best. But i think i will make for the next maps installfiles. download winace winace homepage
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    Babidis Ship

    Normally it should work. Some people played the map already^^. here you have a filelist of the new files. Check if all files are in the correct folter. Otherwise i dont know why it doesnt work. esf/maps/afc_budokai.bsp esf/maps/afc_budokai.txt esf/afc_budokai.wad...
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    you need something like that: c:\Mapping\hlcsg -wadinclude custom.wad %1 -hullfile hulls.txt lol. its: c : \ .....
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    Babidis Ship

    thank very much. Yesterday i during i was rendering the upper side to check it, i painted something ^^ pease no commend. I will post the map when its done!
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    complain about the model page off AFC

    ok its enough . hope you like it better so..
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    complain about the model page off AFC

    hi sorry, that i saw this thread so late. The problem is, that in the most zips are no readme included. So i posted "unkown". I got this files from many different people.... Please mail me the files with an short readme . I will update the page as soon as posible. Hope you unterstand it and...
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    Babidis Ship

    I will post it, when its done.