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    I need some people that can design Models! PLease help!

    Hello, well me and a couple of other people are going to try to build a MOD. But none of us are that good at designing Models, so I was wondering is there anyone out there that think they can design some good models for us... they don't have to be like EXTREMELY good... we just need someone that...
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    Can't get the MP3 PLayer to work!

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    Can't get the MP3 PLayer to work!

    Nope I jsut checked... I uninstalled it and installed it again and it still doesn't work... and I did check to see if MP3 player was installed (when I re-installeded it, and it said it was). Any other ideas?
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    Can't get the MP3 PLayer to work!

    Hey, I can't get the MP3 player (default F8) to work... I start playing and I don't hear any music, so I hit F8 and I hit play and it doesn't work. I use Steam if that helps at all