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    Melee good or bad you decide. (Official Melee Post)

    The only thing wrong with Melee(As I see it) is the trouble with getting hit to the ground and have someone stand above you and spam the Hit button thus, as soon as you get up they hit you to the ground again and again... That just takes the fun out
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    Power Struggle

    What I mean is once your already into a PS with a projectile, the person who fired the beam can't move, where as the person who fired the projectile can move, that player can then charge up another attack and finish off the beam user, because he can't detonate the PS. In Alpha you could...
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    Power Struggle

    My point was this, if you get into a PS with a projectile vs beam, the beam user will get hit, doesn't that seem just a tad out of balance?
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    System Specs.

    The Beta Runs fine on my system. P2 400, 256megs of Ram, and a Voodoo 3 (On Windows XP) Computer 2: P3 866, 512megs of Ram and a GeForce 4 (On Windows XP) I only have trouble playing long periods of time.(over a few hours) Then it starts to slow down and get worse and worse, but if I just...
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    Power Struggle

    Befor you could blow out of a PS and now you can't. Lets say your doing a 1 vs. 1 (Goku Vs. Vegita). Goku fire's a beam, Vegita fire's Big Bang Ball at it, now, Goku has only 2 choices, 1. Push the ball to the wall, 2. Let the ball hit. Now Goku can't avoid being hit if Vegita fires any...