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    Almost Complete 3rd Model!!

    Ok Back on Topic. RZA that Model is Awesome. Onl thing I can think off is his Face is to Flat. And his Hair is to Scrunched up onto the middel of his head. You need to bring the face a bit out, I know they don't really have full faces but it looks like he was hit with a frying pan O_O hehe...
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    BUUbies :P

    All I gotta say is you've got talent. Everybody is saying things bout the Skin But I love it, I find the more Cartoony they look the Better since DBZ well is a Cartoon Lol. The Modell does seem skinny but I know Buu after his Fat Buu form wasn't the Biggest guy there was. But you have talent...
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    trunks skin

    I don't have any Probs with Skin other than it's plain but it's a WIP so it's very good but the Model seems a bit Stuby and Squared I dunno.
  4. SN Piccolo custom model for ESF.

    thats Awesome!!!!! sweet looking Model
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    my high poly d00d

    Awesome Model Iconz.
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    Ummmmm Wow.. His shoulders seem a bit Big to me dunno awesome Model though very nice.
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    Goten!!!!...a fusion member^_^

    Looks good but I find the whole model seems.... Wide. Still really good Model.
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    New Trunks..WIP

    I find the Arms bulky but Awesome Modle other than that!!! And Ersen Sweet Models to. I like Em alot.
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    can u make me a....

    Yeh it was SSJ4 Goku one. Gogeta... You probably just wana make some alterations to a Goku model. Since Gogeta looks basicaly like Goku.
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    Perfect cell pics

    Here you can get some really nice Cels
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    See your creation come to life!

    OMG! it's a young sephiroth from FF7
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    hey look a good ssj3 goku for once

    Ok if DBZ Piccolo just took things and put it together Well O M G Why the Hell are you keeping a Promise that is so retarded? I would understand if he Actualy put work into it but that is just retarded gime a break Put it up to the Public
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    hey look a good ssj3 goku for once

    Wel Understandable it was a Promise but if this is the Clan DBZ then they are Dead and I don't think anybody would care but if it's someone Else then I won't ask But that is Awesome and I want it to ;)
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    SSJ4 GOKU, almost done...

    I think it's Great the Skin Needs alittle More Texture to it so it looks like Fur on him not a Jacket but it Still looks good and The Tail looks a Bit Stiff Try and Wrap it around his Waist it would looks good then Nice GOing Sonic :yes: :)
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    The wait is over....

    Hey SS Vegeta how many Polys do you use for your models?