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    Tien Model...eventually for ESF

    Nice, arms are fugly though
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    Recording ESF Gameplay

    You can make AVIs of Halflife or the mods, by recording a demo. When the demo is record youll have to type in some sort of command, and then it will make the number of screenshots you told it to do, with the command. ex: startmovie demoname.dem 30 30 stands for the number of screens to be...
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    My clan is up

    Uhhuh, where are you from? Because of the ping issues etc
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    Evil Game Creators

    Didnt encouter that whining yet, at least not by mods. Main problem is the servers. If the powerlevels go too high, it will go lagging like hell, and eventually the server will crash :( Even on a good dedicated server, located in my own country and stuff. Also the choke is just too high ;(
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    Post counter

    Hehe, I'll always be a ESF n00b, since my post count won't go higher than one. At leat untill now, this is going to be my 4th post. The other 3 were 1 together I guess, someone able to fix it?
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    Official PWNAGE Thread!!!!!!

    You'll be pwned for ever :)
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    Cell games participants!

    Komani, my email is My player name: slnc` Character: Trunks / Gohan Division: ?
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    Official PWNAGE Thread!!!!!!

    I like the sig so... BOO! :shocked:
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    Cell Games!

    Count me in! k tnx ;)