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  • I can't find any server in esf 123
    What do I do to get server?
    When I click on create game there it says IFX is disabled and the game closes itself.
    I wanted to ask if the bots on 1.3 release will be as stable as 1.2.3, coz u see many ppl widout internet access wud just luv to play it...
    can you tell me who did the Perfect Cell Model for ESF v1.3... i rigged it on Imperfect Cells Bones which has all animations and now Perfect Cell has also all animations... I would like to release it but I'll need some credits and I don't know who did him
    If that's not the Latest Open Beta, then not sure. The Open Beta has changed a lot, thus the bots won't support it.
    hey! do this esf openbeta chrismas release support bots? i have send the friend invitation in Youtube ,please except it.
    I'm afraid not .. I've looked through it all (I'd say/Believe) and i found nothing that could even be modified to this feature .. So I give up, thanks for the help though, much appreciated.

    [Edit] However, if you *Do* know, or should happen to stumble upon, any such plugin, please do notify me, i'd really (Underline) Like that :)
    I'm sure the forums you are using also has some kind of forum game like this, but not exactly the same as you already found it it's made for VB only.
    Thank you ^_^ Just found it .. And then i had a "doh" as i realised It of course is a VB only, and we are working with PhpBB3 i believe :(
    Oi, Sky .. I was wondering; about your Conquest game up there, was it made from scratch? Or did you guys get a pre-made template?

    Asking because I think it would be quite a nice addition to another forum :)
    Moin... ähmmm you are from Netherlands? beacuase... Bitefight... the browsergame , the speach is netherland;) cool... can you speek German? i mean we are neubouhrs (nachtbarn) ...i don´t know how to write it ^^
    Great to be here skyrider! I'v been playing esf for quite sum time and love it! Today I felt I was unfairly banned from one of the USA servers, what kind of action would you advise?
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