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    Naruto of the Week[Spoilers Allowed]

    I honestly expect Naruto to call upon Kyuubi's beast powers, and turn into an 8-tailed beast, but this time controlled.
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    I don't get it.

    There are also things beyond the ESF team and Valve's control. When you want to bring out a game stand alone, not only does the ESF team need a license to use the GoldSrc engine, they would also need a license to use any licensed material. Ie. anything that has to do with DBZ. much...
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    Cintiq 21 UX Tablet... i bought one...

    Aren't Wacom pens notorious for wearing down really quickly?
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    [Old PotW] 8.21.2011

    Player Black has player Red targeted, then player Black is attacked with some kind of ball attack which he deflects. The deflected ball attack automatically homes in on player Black's current target? Effectively redirecting the attack?
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    Idea's And Request!!!!!- READ

    It wouldn't. You obviously have no gamedesign skills whatsoever. More != better.
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    flying slow

    Perhaps post a video?
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    Son of the Sword

    Needs more green. Congrats, Cuc!
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    Add your "Computer Specs" to your profile.

    Added mine. On a side note, the vB4 theme does not have the capability to edit your specifications.
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    EBuddy XMS - Go beyond words

    Is it like Pingchat or Whatsapp, except for the fact that it most likely has a tremendously smaller community...?
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    Zombie Survival Mode

    While I am all for the zombie idea (sans flying), it could also be fixed by changing the zombies in...zombified...saibamen. Fits a lot better. Though there is nothing wrong with zombies either way. Any game instantly gets better with zombies. Imagine Kirby with zombies. Hotdamn.
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    The Good Ol' Days.

    I'd have to say though, Jinx did a fair job as well. Seriously, search4yourselfz.
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    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Granted, incidentally though, you also kill a baby panda each time you chew on a piece of licorice, making you feel all horrible about yourself and quickly killing the entire panda species. You horrible person, you! I wish I had a baby panda!
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 7/17/11

    Oh jolly, a campfire! Who's got the marshmallows?
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    New Painting - Drummer

    Kudo's then, you did an excellent job!
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    ESF 1.3 Japanese voice support?

    One will be made by someone in the community, I wouldn't put any time in it if I were part of the team.