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    Netherlands second!!

    You can cut the tension with a knife in this thread.. :D
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    Netherlands second!!

    Yeah, the rest of us just copied :p But at least EU has some common ground now? :D
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    Netherlands second!!

    It's funny how most of the EU countries have made a video like that as well :p However the Dutch version was bloody brilliant :D
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    The God has returned

    I'm intrigued as well now! Is it maybe story time?
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    I was such an idiot

    This entire thread is just pure joy reading :D
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    Frontpage Earth's Special Forces trailer- Saiyan Trio

    This looks bloody brilliant! Was definitely worth the wait! :D Holy damn it's gonna be one hell of a game to play!
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    If you missed it =)

    THIS... IS.... AWESOME!!!!! :D
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    GTX 970 G1 gaming Can run everything!

    Well.. Damn.. Then Titan all the way?
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    [Old PotW] Kamehamehaaaaaaaa dem graphics doe

    That looks sweet as hell! Damn the Dev's never cease to amaze! Good job! :)
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    What video card do you have?

    GTX 770 :p
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    [Old PotW] SVN Log peek

    Looks like a lot is actually being done! Just saved my 2015, keep it up :-)
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    [Old PotW] In the meantime last updated 5/13/15

    Very nice pictures! Look great as usual :)
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    Happy New Year 2015

    Happy New Year from Denmark! Stay frosty!
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!
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    [Old PotW] Piccolo in cell games

    It looks awesome as usual, still can't wait for the release! :D Good job devs and keep it up!