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    ESF b1.1 Patch (Upgrade from 1.0) Released

    Works just fine here. Thanks.
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    beam jumps *look*

    I think its main use will be the fact that you can now *boost* away from danger without having to be in melee mode and locked on to someone. This and the fact that a beam hit now stops people from swooping will make the weaker beams more attractive IMO.
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    1.1 movie

    Looking good! Those trails and the sound are a real nice touch.
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    Fun / Forgotten Mods

    has anyone ever played boxwars? Its a deathmatch mod where all the players look like boxes and the levels are filled with boxes. it isnt a game you will play alot but its fun if you play it once in a while. A mod I am really looking forward to play is bushido. Its a class based mod in a...
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    Which character do you use most?

    I use all the characters.Wich one I use depends on those already in the server and my mood.
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    New type of game mode

    I'd love a tournament mode. But you might want to add more otions to your poll. Like I would'nt mind or I don't care.
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    GOKU need's more moves

    What's the deal with a Chou-kamehameha , its just a kamehameha with a bigger charge. If you want a normal kame charge it until you can lauch it, if you want a chou-kame just charge it all the way.
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    Beam vs Melee in 1.1

    Tweaks: Get out of swoop when hit by a beam[done] What do you guys think ? Is this going to change the current beam-melee balance ?
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    On which continent ? You can use All-Seeing Eye to search for dedicated servers.
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    Maybe beams should make trails...

    It has already been suggested. Here. Seems like it would cause too much lag.
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    voice chat

    I'd like one if its only hearable by the player you have your crosshair on, that would make challengeing people easier. Plus you could taunt that way ;)
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    Neverwinter Nights

    Its pretty decent , as boyster says the campaign is a bit dry but there are some very decent mods (both sp and mp).
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    Console doesn't come up in ur server

    Man I thought you were going to say how you can fix people from being noob.
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    must be high above the earth then.
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    FinalShine (Offical Post)!!

    Boyster , do try to read all the posts.