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    One Piece of the week[Manga Spoilers]

    GUUUUUYSSSSSSSSS What the flip.. TRIPLED bounty, and yonkou already? Or would it be Gokou now? Anyway, I feel like it's too early for him to become one and have that bounty .. at least not from denting an emperor's territory and not defeating them. Or maybe I just don't want the manga to end...
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    Back to gaming after a decate lol

    Hey, what you been up to in the meantime?
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    If you have a demo of the ki farming, you could try to contact the server owner on Skype.
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    5 Years in ESF 1.2.3

    Pretty ordinary plays but I like the edit quite a lot :)
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    [Anime] Dragon Ball Super Thread

    Which inconsistencies and out of character shit? I only find Vegeta to be slightly out of character personally. I agree with the introduction of super strong villains, I mean, surely you'd have heard of God of Destruction some time if he existed back when we watched Dragon Ball. As for wiki...
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    Pokémon GO

    It's officially out in the UK now!
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    Pokémon GO

    Who's in on the hype? What's your progress?
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    other then Team Speak

    - fanservice
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    who would win?

    Crossovers have to make them equal to make up for the power difference. As much as One Piece is several levels better than Dragon Ball, in terms of powers of the characters Goku is stronger without a shadow of doubt.
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    I am not defending that ground hits shouldn't be allowed btw. I think it's because the damage multiplies so much on the ground, not sure. Also isn't it impossible to do more than 2 if the enemy recovers? Not sure as I don't even try to do it. And yea I think the size & indicators of 1.3...
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    I am aware of that, the current one is actually a beta (1.2.3 beta), but they didn't fix it in the beta which is the only available version that's stable really.
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    Pretty sure it was intended for beams to have a bigger role, pretty sure advanced melee was supposed to have a role but it's the players creating the meta. The developers not fixing that for years means that it'll probably become part of the game and it has. To me it's thinking outside the box...
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    Well to beat them you'd surely have to be more of an elitist than they were? xD Or extraordinarily talented or gifted at the very least haha.
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    I'm not even going to comment on this anymore. You are just cementing my perception on my statement about how narrow-minded you're being despite all the comments and examples given. You are completely jettisoning everything, you aren't even trying to see it from another viewpoint at all. Nop...
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    It is subjectivity because there's a diverse opinion pool seen on the topic here itself. Clearly it's a subjective matter as there's a large player amount who use it and support having it in duels. If you get caught out in a really bad position instead of where you should focus on staying, you...