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    BENDER :)

    :laff: LMFAO :laff: I love this model especialy the second part... THE EYES O_O O_O O_O
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    please help me to install this game!!!!!

    Pain has setup a guide to installing ESF it explains the requirements needed to play esf and how to simply install Pains installation guide
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    umm, help please :)

    Well usually you can full ki blast the bots but hwne you do just try to keep maximum distance away if your just a few inches away from the bots and blast them your more than likely to crash.
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    Everytime I try to play on a EVM server it closes the game, it doesn't come up with an error just closes ESF can anyone help?? Thanks
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    umm, help please :)

    what Grega said ^_^
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    umm, help please :)

    Do you have bots on there?
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    do you know any specific maps that support dragonballs on esf-world? also I have tried on esf_riverside but I can't find any do you know where they are?
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    what maps does CTDB (Capture the dragonball) work on?
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    The Programs

    Hey, I was just wondering what modeling programs you guys use. At the moment I use 3ds max 6 but I find this abit boring and long winded are there any other programs worth buying? (p.s tried milkshape don't like it) Thanks, :D
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    Running ESF difficulties

    I only understand up to here which means the map you tried to change to doesn't exist or can't be found. I don't understand the rest of what you said if your a bit more specific i might be able to help
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    any particular reason?

    Hey, I was just wondering.. whenever i try to play on a server with sounds, models, sprites or maps other than te default it won't work, it closes the game. Can someone please help? thanks. :(
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    what one?

    Ok thanks will order it now =D
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    what one?

    ok thank you, what is the URL to buy HL1?
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    what one?

    Quote: "4. Once installed, run Half-Life once." this was taken from a guide on how to sucessfully install ESF I was just wondering what HL you had to run? or can it be any? e.g HL source, HL: lost coast, HL 2 if someone can tell me which one I would be very greatfull :)