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    is there anywhere you can download new maps cause i've seen some on the server lists but it takes forever to download straight from the server
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    Net_Send Packet ERROR: WSAEINTR??

    what's Net_Send Packet ERROR: WSAEINTR mean? I downloaded beta 1 or whatever and played for over an hour with no problem and now today this is happening? help
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    can't connect to servers

    thanks, i think that was the problem:rolleyes:
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    can't connect to servers

    whenever i open HL i activate ESF...but when i get to the list of servers and try to join it says eomthing like "cannot join ESF custom game until the custom game is installed"...well i do have it installed. can anyone help?
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    i cant join any servers, it says i must install the custom game before joining the custom game, but i have it installed...can anyone help? thanks