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    ssj2 gohan

    i like the way the hair looks from the side angels, but the head on looks kind of wierd
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    fixed up 18

    i think i know whats off about her face...her eyes slant upward a little too much, but thats about it!
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    esf_nameks_triangle by [email protected]

    hey taxi great map, i love the way everything is set up. But, there is hardly enough room to fly in. the top of the map isn't that high, so maybe you could extend height of map a little.
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    Namek goku(thought i would give it a try :p)

    yeah, i gots to agree with smo, he looks kinda scrawny from the side! make his chest a bit more muscualer!
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    Giji Super Sayian-jin Reskin

    hey hypersaiyanman, i know everyone else is like "omg big hair, too much gel" but i love it when the saiyans hair is like yours! so if your going to edit you model, (im such a noob, sorry!) can u release boh models, the un-edited, and the edited? Cause i think it looks great! thanx!
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    Ultimate SSJ4

    thats a great lookin model buddy! but, the very first picture u posted, your faces skin color was just a tad lighter than the body, i don't know if you noticed, but from what i see, u just need to make the face a lil darker. But great job overall! keep up the good work!
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    I Hate It When U Modelers Do This!!!!. is the modelers choice weather he releases it or not. BUT... it can be...a tiny bit irritating when your waiting for a great looking model to be released, and u build high expectations of it, and then because of some shmuck noob, it doesn't get released! i honestly think that if...
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    lost models....

    um whatever happened to that bad @$$ ssj2 gohan model that bile made? and what ever happened to that awesome lookin android 18 model that s-bolt made? Just some questions that i was hopeing could be answered! if u have questions about a lost model, feel free to post!
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    My edits!

    hey cracker love the edits, but while i was trying out ur gohan (havent used vegeta yet) i found a few things that were kind of wierd.... 1. Gohan stands like a cowboy 2. He runs like hes in a marching band 3. and when he does kamehameha, he does the form in a jerky motion! But...
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    just an idea

    ahh ok now i get it! but, it still would be nice if they could just use the same dust that is used in a melee swoop on a beam, but hey no big deal
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    just an idea

    im gonna sound like a noob, whats fps? is it lag or somethin???
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    just an idea

    okies, u know when your swoopin near the ground how there is a dust trail behind you? well i think that they should do this when you shoot a generic beam or a kamehameha! like if you shoot the beam upwards, dust should be blown from behind you, and if ur shootin it parallel with the ground...
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    SSJ2 Models

    im not saying its a bad mdel, what im saying is that the arms look a little scrawny, but everthing else is good
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    SSJ2 Models

    thanx about the aura, nut if you do see any more ssj2 gohans in the future, or any other ssj2 models, could u post here?
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    SSJ2 Models

    Does anyone have a decent ssj2 model of gohan? And not the one on redsaiyan, because that's a scrawny lookin model. If any one knows where to find one or any other kick @$$ looking models of ssj2's please make a link on this thread! Also does anyone have a nice looking ssj2 electric aura...