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    Shin Chan

    I grow tired of you internet tough guys who can't distinguish between watching a part and closing it as soon as it started. You're such a rebel i mean you really show authority you're not going to let the "man" keep you down. Thankfully i'm over trying to be rational with internet tough guys...
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    Shin Chan

    I really wish you had the ability to comprehend or the ability to read i don't know which one you're lacking. I have a feeling he watched it and said he couldn't stand it. If he had said i pushed stopped the minute it started he wouldn't have anything constructive to add and i would have called...
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    Preemptive RE5 Worship...

    I actually just finished it. It's a good game but a bunch of things in it annoyed the hell out of me. I enjoyed the concept that you were always given limited ammunition had to be careful with it and a limited backpack space. I hated having to deal with Sheva stupid AI. I hate the fact that when...
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    Why stop there? Why not make him green and a martian? They tried to stay as true to the novel as they could. Had they not they'd have a bunch of die hard watchmen fans complaining "we want docs dong"
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    Oscar 2009 - what your think?

    No not gypsies poor people. Almost every country developed or not will have the upper class the middle class and the lower class. The lowest of the lower class in almost all countries would be living in what can be described as slums. It was a movie the gameshow host acted the way he did to...
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    Oscar 2009 - what your think?

    Oh i'm sorry you seem to have said life in india so i was under the assumption you know you meant all of india not "people living in those circumstances" Well then you don't have to look far there are slums in almost every country you think there aren't people living like that in developed...
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    Oscar 2009 - what your think?

    You realize that would be the slums of india. Hence the title, trying to stereotype a whole country on the basis of one movie is a little bit silly now don't you agree?
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    A Monumental Occasion

    I demand GOD EMPEROR [S] be the leader of everyone in this mod. He should also be invincible and all mighty. That is all
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    I was enjoying the show alot up until the 2nd or 3rd season finale that ended in the mexican standoff. I stopped watching after that and when it came back on i ignored it until it got too far into the season for me to bother catching up. It's a good show thou and i will undoubtedly get back into...
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    I really hope Americans arent this stupid.....

    Obviously not, dumb american get a brain you moran
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    I really hope Americans arent this stupid.....

    Everyone knows Americans are stupid. I mean there is that one picture on the internet with a redneck holding up a sign that reads moran i mean how much dumber can america get.
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    Music players!

    I have an iphone so i can only update it through itunes
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    Bruce? Brucee? BRUCCCCCCCCCCEE Batman spoilers

    You're right Deman it's called the multiverse in DC it's similar to marvel Apparently this is happening in the main storyline as this took place in the Batman's actual comic book. Apparently what there saying is even if Bruce doesn't die he...
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    Bruce? Brucee? BRUCCCCCCCCCCEE Batman spoilers

    Newest Batman Bruce Wayne is murdered. Apparently this is legit and Nightwing or Tim Drake will take over the batman mantle. This is ridiculous i'm in mourning they can't do it, the only people in comics who're suppose to stay dead are Bucky, Jason and Uncle Ben... i don't get it. Why bruce...
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    (x / 2) + 7 = Acceptable age difference?

    lol the internet is wonderful, I'm guessing you could also beat up everyone on the forums.