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    Installation/play for WON

    but stema reqeuires a ative internet acount all i have werei whanto put it is lan so i cant do steam
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    Installation/play for WON

    lol but how ?
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    in DIRE need of help.

    i wonder if u could get sa windows on soem one elses comp and put it on cd and try some ow ot install it
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    Installation/play for WON

    but these computers dont have internet just lan thats why i cant use steam
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    i cant install the 1.2 beta of esf

    ya lol i wish i knew that the other day when i was installing it i tried like 5 times then i was duh it neeeds ot be /half-life not /half-life/hl.exe
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    Installation/play for WON

    hey i have simular qeuston , is there any way i can get this mod to work if i dont have steam just the origonal half life cd cause at my comunity center we play half life on a lan and i brought esf on a cd there and installed it and it was looking for steam is there any way to get it to work so...