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    Nickname The Person Above

    Ashturd. :P
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    New Star Wars 3 Trailer! *If You Don't Want It Spoiled, Then Don't Read This!*

    Ok Spider, please for the sake of humanity crawl out of the box and join the real world. Star Wars was produced and showed in the 70's when Harrison Ford wasnt 60 years old like he is today.
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    Omg wtf?

    Congratulations Deverz. May he/she be as great a gift to you as you are to females, just not the same kind. :P I've always been partial to the names Ashley, Brittaney, and Danielle.
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    A trip to Paris!

    He means "Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your trip. xD" But yeah man have a blast, personally if I skipped the pond I'd end up in cities like Edinborough, London, and Athens.
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    Stupidest Lines.

    "Get off my f-ing kool-aid mother ****er!" Deffinately better then "back off" or "step off" I use that one all of the time.
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    did you guys saw this?

    Lol and thats why I am glad to be British were bloody PSYCHO I'll tell you!. Beyond that being well "rotund" and having had similar experiences like that as a young lad, the second was amusing but it was sad as well.
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    A trip to Paris!

    Pinch some French tush for me. According to a friend of the family that recently returned from Paris. That would be the equivalent of a hug in the US.
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    Tekken 5 siggeh please.

    Ok, reds browns and blacks (whatever works best with the stock) My name "Ruger" and "Deus Ex Machina" in their too. A matching Avy would be cool as well, below is a link to the only stock I can find of this guy, his name is Jinpachi, and he looks like a freakin beast...
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    New threadmaster in town.

    I would like this thread closed as it is generating minimal attention and my desires for a signature have since changed. Thank you and sorry if it has caused you any inconvenience.
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    Lego Star Wars Demo!!

    Um how does one say "BEST GAME EVER" in Jawa? Ok So maybe it's not the best game ever, but it's still pretty dang sweet, Lego's singlehandedly consumed most all of my childhood. At least the Dutch got something right. Deffinately gonna get the full version once it hits torrent databases....I...
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    New Star Wars 3 Trailer! *If You Don't Want It Spoiled, Then Don't Read This!*

    So yeah I was rather surprised when me mum and sis called me into the living room during an intense gaming session. I was pissed cause I know they were watching the OC but then I saw it. Yeah turns out I had to change my shorts and wash the chair I was sitting in. Nothing better then...
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    Nickname The Person Above

    Brim...Grim...limb...flim..."Flim Flam the Brimmer Man" That I shalt deem you xD
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    Nickname The Person Above

    hmm...dark is the opposite of bright so... Dumb Shooter
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    Stupidest Lines.

    "What do we need a roof for?" -My stupid sister- She meant to say, what do we need a new roof for. I found it funny.
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    Teh Siggyness o/ that snow or stars? and I believe it just says SM as that would be short for Suicidal Maniac? I am just assuming as normally when I make those assumptions I end up putting my size 12 boot in my size 9 mouth...but w/e. Your skills are evident...just not in that misconbobulated...