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    How To Become Admin or LAN server ?

    ok, so once I put my half life and ESF and Cs 1.6 on my steam, will you help me figure out the configures to make my self admin on the LAN server? Cause I can do it without ECX RC2. but once I install (ECX RC2) I'm not admin for some reason
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    How To Become Admin or LAN server ?

    Thx :) ... But when you guys said that I was cheating, How is it cheating when I only want to run it as a local server on my computer?
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    How To Become Admin or LAN server ?

    I have Steam , Half life and CS 1.6 but Half Life and CS 1.6 aren't programed in steam, I never figured out how to do that.
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    How To Become Admin or LAN server ?

    Everything is good .. I got the ESF 1.2.3 and I am the admin... I can change my power and everything.... But once I install ECX RC2 I can't be admin anymore.... And once I am the admin I cant change my power lvl as if I have no Rank on my own server (LAN)... Help plz............. :cry:
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    is it possible

    is there a free hallife download???not the demo but the full game cause i want to play ESF so bad
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    i am so lost

    i have so many EFS mods patches ect. but i dont know how to play them it is saying something about halflife what up woth that???