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    Artwork Tutorials

    i dont know if there are any. But does anyone know where to find Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials? o_o
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    Adminmod + Bots, can it work?

    Add this to your esf shortcut -console -game esf +localinfo mm_gamedll esf_bot/esf_bot.dll e.g won users:C:\sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -game esf +localinfo mm_gamedll esf_bot/esf_bot.dll
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    Moving in advanced melee.

    i think dats a great idea but wuld dat be suitable for h-l wouldnt it take alot of coding? wouldnt it also need more animations?
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    i have no special attribute but maybe playing video games
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    Writing Symbol over Head

    i second that wouldnt u DJ-Ready have a better say in making this happen then the rest of us?
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    shuld targeting come back?

    it creates alot of confussion in a fight as u are only able to swoop on the one person eg target a person u hit them away and here comes this guy behind u wut do u do? personally i like the game without targeting
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    How to install steam??

    can someone please teach me how to install esf with steam ive tried it before but when i tried to join a server nothing happens