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    gianing life, for all chars

    good idea... im all for it
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    Additional Ascendings?

    you need a good cyber ***** slap *SMACK* :yes: :D ;D :D ;D
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    Additional Ascendings?

    nice how the same topic pops up 50000000 the forums or hell do some searching maybe youll realize that a majority of your questions have already been answerd
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    Finger Laser

    is it just me or is frieza's finger lazer just way too powerfull? Ive noticed some people just will spam with it and it kinda kicks my ass? any suggestions, tatics, comments, *****es?
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    Power Struggles

    is it just me or what...i kinda dont get what the hell you just said
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    Servers help..

    Make sure you have the right filters on if your using the game to find serves....i.e i usually check off pings of 250 or less, have players in it and of course have the game selected as Esf
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    Power Struggles

    This is my frist post so ill start off by saying Hello to everyone... with that outta the way.... Had a pretty nice little power struggle today at about 2.5mil as goku..i won and ended up diein anyway when i respawned my power level almost doubled i was up to 4.5mil needless to say i was...