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    Who smoke?

    I was just saying that it's a bit harsh to point someone out as the "only" common sense person. That's all. (:
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    Who smoke?

    Well that's not nice towards the rest of the smokers in here, are you maybe jumping to conclusions? >_<
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    Rate the sig above you... revived (:

    hehe, don't be sorry, it's your opinion (: and it helps, i bet if people only heard good coments about their sigs there would never be any improvements, yes? (: toda critica es buena, siempre que sea constructiva I was going for a "silent hill-ish" theme because the pic i took of my cat was...
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    Rate the sig above you... revived (:

    You've got a nice combo of avatar and signature, the sig is a bit plain but it has a nice flow, the font and upper line are bugging me a bit though... so 7/10 for the ava+sig combo. By the way I figure I should add the option to rate the avatar as well if people feel like it, as a combo with...
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    Rate the sig above you... revived (:

    Thought this might be a fun thread to "revive", since this part of the forum seems a bit dead... You rate the signature of the last person that posted on a 1 to 10 scale. Explaining your rating is optional but it will make the thread more fun to read (and might also help someone improve...
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    Make a fun day thread

    Fonejacker :) One very dedicated salesman This is something you dont see every day... (: Bill Bailey's "Drum n Bush"...
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    anytime ^^

    anytime ^^
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    hello (:

    hello (:
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    My New Sign (Sat 7 November 2009)

    That "mous4u" text brings the sig down - by a lot. The Gohan image behind main-Gohan is also a bit dodgy, imo. I would keep it plain and remove the image in the back, perhaps center him a bit (but not too much, unless you want the whole to be simetrical) OR somehow blend the image in the back a...
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    Who smoke?

    Unfortunately I smoke. I managed to quit for around 3 months this summer but got sucked into smoking again. I do what I can to respect non-smokers, I keep my smoke away from people that don't smoke and specially away from children (preferably I will smoke somewhere they dont see me do it, just...
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    This Can't be Good

    Big Brother is getting nasty (: Way too much freedom on those internets... eh? let's cut that **** down A popular icelandic (pay-per-month-channel) television show is getting edgy with people downloading it here in Iceland and copyright owners are threatening IP-tracking (invasion of...
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    Dragonball96's Signatures

    Of these sigs the "best" one is the one you are currently using (james hetfield) - you seem to have reached that counclusion yourself though (: I would discard all the others, they are way too raw, but keep at it - the more you play around with it the better the results (:Þ
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    geuss who B-day it is!

    Happy -one year closer to death- day ;)
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    Glad you are doing well :D Party in your basement?
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    Glad you are doing well :D Party in your basement?